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Paganella Dolomiti Booking
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Altopiano della Paganella

Paganella with over 400 km of mountain bike trails of various offers a wide choice for riders in freedom admiring the Dolomites.

Period: from 20.06 to 19.09
  • number of nights shown in panel with half board (price per person, double occupancy);
  • MOUNTAIN BIKE SKILLS: easy excursion on bike trails with natural and artificial obstacles in order to learn from an expert correct actions and behaviours to safely deal with the various difficulties;
  • ENDURO EXPERINECE: 1 tour with guide and enduro bike rent;
  • Map of MTB routes;
  • Info kit of the area;

   PERIOD     NIGHTS     HOTEL***     HOTEL***S     HOTEL****  
  11.06-02.07     7     € 455,00     € 500,00     € 590,00  
  02.07-16.07     7     € 490,00     € 535,00     € 630,00  
  16.07-06.08     7     € 525,00     € 570,00     € 670,00  
  20.08-27.08      7     € 525,00     € 580,00     € 670,00  
  2.08-18.09     7     € 455,00     € 490,00     € 590,00  


Dolomiti di Brenta - Altopiano della Paganella



Jeep transfer to the hut “Rifugio Cacciatori” where starts a 500 mt ascent to “Rifugio Agostini”, around two hours walking.

Left the backpacks at the hut, it will approach “Via Ferrata Castglioni”, an itinerary of medium level difficulty but very exposed.

Return to “Rifugio Agostini” after 4 hours about, overinght by the hut.





Day  #2:FerrataBrentari


Early morning breakfast before begin “Via Ferrata Brentari” that leads you after 4 hours to “Rifugio Pedrotti” with a spectacular itinerary between Dolomites’ peaks. Overnight in mountain hut.





Day  #3BocchetteCentrali


After leaving Rifugio Pedrotti, it will start “Bocchette Centrali” one of the most important itinerary of whole Dolomites that presents postacard lanscapes with challenging walks over ledges, tasting the flavor of the rock.

Four hours walking towards “Rifugio Alimonta”, overnight in mountain hut.   







After breakfast, it will start the long return to the village, along the equipped path “Sentiero Orsi” down to the hut “Rifugio Croz dell’Altissimo straight to Molveno, after four fascinating days spent between rocks, ladders, ledges and legendary huts belonging to the history of mountaineering.



 The expert package is recommended for trekkers with a moderate experience in mountaineering in order to fully enjoy Brenta Dolomites followed by the knowledge of the mountain guide. This professional figure guarantee the necessary safety, for an unforgettable four days trekking along the best “Via Ferrata” itineraries with overnights in mountain huts.

Package includes:

  • 2 nights in hotel in HB
  • 3 overnights in Brenta’s mountain hut in HB
  • 4 days excursions with mountain guide
  • 1 jeep transfer


Price per person from € 1065,00, min two pax



Dolomiti di Brenta - Altopiano della Paganella



Uphill by lifts to the top of Paganella 2125mt where starts a four hours walk on Paganella – Canfedin mountain ridge. Fantastic views on Lake  Garda, Adige Valley and Brenta Dolomites. Vertical ascent around 300 mt.




Day  #2:  Mountain Huts


First day of walks on the Dolomites. After reaching Pradel by lift, it starts a 400mt ascent within fascinating valleys between Brenta and  Lake Molveno. Along a four hours walk, you will find  characteristic huts like Croz dell’ Altissimo and  Selvata or traditional “malga”  as Andalo and Ceda, huts reserved to the cows during summer time.





Day #3ValdAmbiez,overnight in hutRifugioAgostini”   


From the village of San Lorenzo,  you will reach with a jeep transfer the hut “Cacciatori” where starts the excursion to “Rifugio Agostini”, a couple of hours walking for 600 mt ascent till the foot of “Cima d’Ambiez” peak. Overnight in mountain hut.





Day #4Agostini-Croz dellAltissimo


Early  morning breakfast in Rifugio Agostini before crossing highest part of Val d’Ambiez throughout  “Sentiero Palmieri”, about 500 mt ascent in order to reach the hut “Rifugio Pedrotti”, after two hours and half walking. After a break, it starts the descent to lowest hut “Rifugio Croz dell’ Altissimo”. Returns to Molveno, down through “Val delle Seghe”


This package offers a real trekking experience of medium difficulty; our mountain guide with their skills will offer the right knowledge in order to enjoy the unique scenery of Brenta Dolomites, with itineraries that deeply explore the context offering proposals for almost every trekker.  

Package includes:

  • 3 nights in hotel in HB
  • 1 one-way lift ticket Andalo/Cima Paganella
  • 1 one-way lift ticket Molveno/Pradel
  • 1 jeep transfer
  • 1 overnight in mountain hut in HB
  • 4 days excursions with mountain guide


Price per person from € 955,00, min two pax



Dolomiti di Brenta - Altopiano della Paganella



Uphill by lift to Doss Pelà and walk towards the peak of Paganella sorrounded by the magic view of Brenta Dolomites, Adige Valley and Lake Garda from the top.

Break in mountain hut (not included) and return to Andalo in the afternoon.



Day#2: Brenta Dolomites

Uphill by new panoramic lift Molveno – Pradel. Going towards the hut “Rifugio Croz dell’Altissimo” (mt 1430) on breathtaking  path wiht marvelous eyesight on Molveno with its Lake from an unusual point of view. The highest peaks of Brenta, are just in front of you.  Itinerary continues to a second hut “Rifugio Selvata”, before coming back to Molveno throught the path of “Val delle Seghe”.



 Day#3:Lake Molveno


Individual exscursion (without guide) around the lake of Molveno,  in order to enjoy  the quiet athmosphere of shores and sides of the lake at the foot of Brenta. A peaceful walk on a flat path, a couple of hours long.





This package refers to clients that want to discover the beauties of the area of Paganella and Brenta Dolomites with easy excursions that doesn’t require a particular training.

The offer includes:

  • 4 nights in hotel in HB
  • 1 lift ticket Andalo /Doss Pelà
  • 2 guided excursions
  • 1 lift ticket Molveno/Pradel


Price per person from € 360,00, from Sunday to Thursday





Altopiano della Paganella

"Celebrates 150years the first crossing of Bocca di Brenta by John Ball, the first President of the Alpine Club of Londo, first world's Alpine Club"
  • 1 ticket o/w with lift Molveno - Altopiano di Pradel
  • 3 dinners at alpine rifuges of Brenta Dolomites*
  • 3 nights in alpine refuges of Brenta Dolomites* in multiple rooms (sheet bag not included)
  • 3 breakfasts* at alpine refuges of Brenta Dolomites
  • 1hiking map of Brenta Dolomites

  • Croz dell'Alitssimo
  • Selvata
  • T. Pedrotti
  • S.Agostini
  • Al Cacciatore
The use of sleeping sheet is obligatory.
The price doesn't include: transfer, extra drinks, mountain guide

  21/06-21/09     € 165,00  


Altopiano della Paganella

Paganella at the center of your sporting holidays
  • Number of nights shown in table in half board (price per person, double occupancy);
  • Easy walk through: Andalo's different area (locally called "masi")in order to learn historical roots of the village;
  • Return ticket for gondola lift in Andalo;
  • Excursion: crossing of Paganella summit;
  • Return ticket for the gondola lift in Molveno;
  • Excursion: in the heart of Dolomites, from hut to hut;
  • Return ticket for the gondola lift in Molveno;
  • Excursion: Trekking to "Rifugio Pedrotti" mountain hut;
  • Information kit of the area;

  PERIOD     NIGHTS     HOTEL****     HOTEL***S     HOTEL***  
  11.06-02.07     7     € 465,00     € 510,00     € 600,00  
  02.07-16.07     7     € 500,00     € 545,00     € 640,00  
  16.07-06.08     7     € 535,00     € 580,00     € 680,00  
  20.08-27.08     7     € 535,00     € 580,00     € 680,00  
  27.08-18.09     7     € 465,00     € 500,00     € 600,00  


Andalo, Molveno, Fai della Paganella

Fun for the whole family discovering the natural environment of the Dolomites
Number of nights shown in table in half board (price per family in multiple room 2 adults + 2 kids up to 10 years old)

Services for children:

- Kids club with qualified staff for children from 4 years upwards, from Monday to Friday in time 10.00 to 12.00 am;
- Specific menu for kids;
- BIBLIOIGLOO Laboratory of colors: collect different colors of soil in order to create a painting on canvas;
- 1 entry to FOREST PARK with transition on tibetan bridges, vertical ropes and more;

Family services:

- 1 return ticket to Prati di Gaggia;
- 1 entrance to "casa dell'orso", bear's area in Spormaggiore, discovering the brown animal symbol of Adamello Brenta Natural Area;
- Animation services;
- Info kit of the town.

  Period     Nights     Hotel ***
price from  
  Hotel ***s
price from  
price from  
  18.06-02.07     7     € 1.1150,00     € 1.350,00     € 1.600,00  
  02.07-16.07     7     € 1.350,00     € 1.450,00     € 1.800,00  
  16.07-06.08     7     € 1.450,00     € 1.600,00     € 1.900,00  
  20.08-27.08     7     € 1.500,00     € 1.550,00     € 2.050,00  
  27.08-18.09     7     € 1.350,00     € 1.450,00     € 1.800,00  
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