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Yanez Borella and Giacomo Meneghello will follow the silk road with them eBike, 100 days, 10k km and a peak every Nation

Yanez is a mountain lover. He is part of the staff of Paganella Ski and snowboard instructor. He will ride together with Giacomo Meneghello with an eBike from Paganella to China. More than 10,000 km in 100 days. They will climb a mountain every Nation they will ride through. On every peak, Yanez e Giacomo will bring the ADMO flag, the association of bone marrow donors, the symbol of their important mission of the trip.

More info on Yanez and Giacomo's adventure on For donation to them trip go on

In particular, Yanez will start its trip from the Paganella, its first peak. Yanez waits for you in Fai della Paganella, at the public gardens, Friday 19th April 2019 a 11am. He will start the tour with his eBike, riding to his the first official peak, the Marmolada. Yanex climbed the Paganella the day before.

Yanez and Giacomo's route from Paganella to China in 100 days