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Move on the Altopiano della Paganella

Bikibus and public transports in Paganella

Public transport on Altopiano della Paganella

Bicibus, citybus and out-of-town buses

Bici Trek Bus Garda Dolomiti

Frome June to September there is the BiciTrekBus Garda Dolomiti transport service. More info and timetables will be soon available

Citybus and out-of-town bus Altopiano della Paganella

On the Altopiano della Paganella there are many public tranport services:

  • Citybus Andalo and Citybus Molveno (free)
  • Bus Andalo-Molveno-Fai della Paganella-Cavedago-Spormaggiore
  • Official line bus (Trentino Trasporti)

Timetables and routes soon available

Dogs are allowed on buses, only if wearing the muzzle and having the leash